Get your name down on our database to be invited to future games, to get emails about upcoming Megagame Makers events and to book onto current games.

Just send an email to Megagame Makers and include the following information:

Your full name

Your postal address

Your mobile phone number

The game or games you are interested in playing

Express a role preference if you have one

Why do we need all this?
Well our game materials might be printed and posted to you when you play a game - we need your name and address for that. Also if you've booked into a game there might be circumstances when we need to call you to check something.

Megagame Makers keep a list of people ('the megagames database') solely for the purpose of informing you about megagames. This information is never sold or passed on to third parties.

It helps us to know in advance if you or someone you are booking onto a game has accessibility issues so that we can take reasonable steps to accommodate you.

The age limit to participate in a game is 16+, anyone younger needs to accompanied by a responsible adult.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about the booking process and megagaming

Prices for 2017

Standard Prices
Megagames cost 30 for players or 10 for game control (umpires) - all for a full days gaming.

Also see our cancellations policy

Why Pay 30 Quid to Play a Game?

Megagames are unusual in that they need a fair bit of organising, and then there are the costs of printing the materials, posting them out, hiring the hall etc. Very few megagames ever make a surplus, and most are heavily subsidised by the game designer, who can sometimes contribute up to around £100 of their own money to see their game in play.

The following chart shows the breakdown of the player's £30 game fee into the various costs.

We think £30 is pretty good value for a whole day's game - just compare that to a football match, cinema or theatre ticket, or even the price of a meal out.

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