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PROVISIONAL CAST LIST : As at 18 March 2015 (11:18)

Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accomodate cancellations etc. We will try not to do that if at all possible though.

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Team Game Role Team members Team Game Role Team members
The United Nations
United Nations UN Secretary General Alex Woodrow United Nations UN Head of World Food Programme Ben Walker
UN Deputy Secretary General Luke Graham UN Head of UNHCR Sam Taylor
The Americas Region

United States of America

President Jevan Bryant


President Joshua Orr
Vice President Kruti Shah Foreign Minister Patrick Kidd
Secretary of State Alasdair Weeks Senior Ambassador Tine Nielsen
Ambassador to the UN Adie Randall Head of Armed Forces Ashley Phillips
Ambassador to Europe Nathan Hunter Deputy Head of Armed Forces Kieran Walsh
Ambassador to East Asia Jason Innes Chief Applied Scientist Ben Mills
Ambassador to Centra Region Craig Connoly


President Adam North
Ambassador to Africa Sarah Gooding Foreign Minister James Parsons
Ambassador to the Americas Chris John Senior Diplomat Andy Clarke
Head of the Joint Chiefs Wuyan Xu Head of Armed Forces Peter Silk
Commander of the Navy Jonathan Deller Deputy Head of Armed Forces David Lewis
Commander of the Army Oliver Proctor Head of Science & Technology Alex Tatton-Brown
Commander of Strategic Forces / Space Command Rick Grzyb


Prime Minister Lauren Cobbett
Chief Pure Scientist Archie Woodrow Foreign Minister James Cobbett
  Head of Applied Science & Technology Richard Walsh Senior Diplomat Dan Burraway
      Chief of the Defence Staff Dan Ives
      Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Andrew Selkirk
      Head of Applied Science Bob Ferry


President Tim Hall


President Nigel Li
Foreign Minister Phil Haslehurst Foreign Minister David Hogan
Senior Ambassador Edd Layton Senior Ambassador Nicholas Johnson
Head of Armed Forces Chris Crawford Head of Armed Forces Andrew Murray
Deputy Head of Armed Forces Paul Butterley Deputy Head of Armed Forces Paul Cousins
Head of Pure Science Jon Purkis Head of Applied Science & Technology Sean Weaver
The Europe Region

United Kingdom

Prime Minister Zane Gunton

French Republic

President Michael Shaw
Foreign Secretary Martin Jenner Foreign Minister Jake Rigby-Wilson
Ambassador to the UN Barry Welch Ambassador to the UN Stephen Leece
Senior Diplomat Stuart Dalgliesh Senior Diplomat Ben Green
Chief of the Defence Staff Paul Gavin Chief of the Defence Staff Robert Darrall
Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Biggles Bristol Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Gary Maidment
Chief Pure Scientist Nick Irish Chief Applied Scientist Les Newsom

Russian Federation

President James Gallagher

Federal Republic of Germany

Chanceller Joe Robinson
Prime Minister Gareth Monk Foreign Minister Tom Hinds
Foreign Minister Mark Holden Senior Ambassador Jamie Ganley
Ambassador to the UN Adrian McIlroy-Speed Chief of the Defence Staff Gavin White
Chief of the Defence Staff Tom Littler Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Matthew Harris
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Alex Stewart Head of Pure Science Jamie Paton
Head of Applied Science Phillip Carruthers    


Prime Minister Giacomo Canciani


Prime Minister Fergus Andrew
Foreign Minister Michele Messi Foreign Secretary Hannah Pentin
Senior Ambassador Anselmo Canciani Senior Diplomat Martin Nolten
Chief of the Defence Staff Zachary Arundel Chief of the Defence Staff Ben Watson
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Fred Galvin Vice Chief of the Defence Staff David Axbey
Chief Applied Scientist Katy Kirzynowski Chief Applied Scientist Rhona O'Sullivan
The East Asia Region


Prime Minister Matt Lees

People's Republic of China

President Tim Campbell
Foreign Secretary Brendan Caldwell Premier Christina Biss
Senior Ambassador

Keza Macdonald


Foreign Secretary Oliver Sliney
Commander of the Self Defence Force Quintin Smith Ambassador to the UN Andrew Bultitude
Deputy Commander of the Self Defence Force Theodora Van Der Beek Chief of the Defence Staff John Billings
Head of Pure Science Paul Dean Commander, Second Artillery Corps Michael Garry
Head of Applied Science & Technology Aoife Wilson Head of Pure Science Alex Beck
    Head of Science & Technology Greg Moore


President Chris Chester


Prime Minister Tom Mendelsohn
Foreign Minister Saqib Ahmed Foreign Secretary George Lawrence
Senior Ambassador John Barton Senior Ambassador James Bevan
Chief of the Defence Staff Kier Marston Chief of the Defence Staff Ed Mendelsohn
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Rob Foster Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Adrian Johnson
Chief Applied Scientist Stephen Etheridge Chief Applied Scientist Tom Guest


President Liam Coles

South Korea

President Matthew Bambridge
Prime Minister Heather Ogle Foreign Minister James Olver
Foreign Minister Camilla Williams Senior Ambassador Tomas Dryburgh
Chief of the Defence Staff Adam Snitch Chief of the Defence Staff Kriss Bennett
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Paul Smith Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Nathan Wellard
Chief Applied Scientist Conon Mannion Chief Applied Scientist Will Blacksock
The Africa Region


President Chris Chamberlain


Presidentr Becky Proctor
Prime Minister Nick Bristow Vice President Matthew Proctor
Foreign Secretary James Kinman Foreign Minister Andrew Turnbull
Chief of the Defence Staff Michael Chamberlain Chief of the Defence Staff Joe Spencer
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (vacancy) Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Vacancy)
Chief Applied Scientist Darren Furze Chief Applied Scientist Mark Barnes

South Africa

Prime Minister Simon Childs


President Jen Stubbs
Foreign Secretary Dan Banks Foreign Secretary Asia Krych
Senior Diplomat Rob Pryce Senior Ambassador Hamish Potts
Senior Diplomat Alexis Celnik Chief of the Defence Staff Tom Mansi
Chief of the Defence Staff Al MacLeod Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Vacancy)
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Daniel Prebble Chief Pure Scientist Mark Sanderson
Chief Pure Scientist Gemma Finigan    


President James Brown


President Lyn Setchell
Foreign Minister Max Harries Foreign Minister John Zammit
Senior Diplomat Jack Savory-Tarlton Senior Ambassador Michael Pearce
Chief of the Defence Staff Alex Gunn Chief of the Defence Staff Sarah WIlliams
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Hamish MacIver Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Ollie Knox
Chief Applied Scientist David Wigy Chief Applied Scientist Tom Spikings
The Central Region

Saudi Arabia

King Simon Chard


President Michael Coyne
Grand Mufti Emma Brett Prime Minister Padraic Coyne
Crown Prince / Foreign Minister Jonathan Wadsworth Foreign Secretary Laurent Pech
Commander of the Armed Forces Steven Wall Chief of the Defence Staff Patrick Mulrennan
Commander of the National Guard Mike Foster Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Daniel Mercer
Chief Pure Scientist Matt Molloy Head of Pure Science Peter Malone


President Ian Snell


Prime Minister Gary Wilson
Prime Minister Ruth O'Reilly Foreign Secretary Andrew Fergar
Foreign Secretary Tom Anderson Senior Ambassador Andy Relf
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Jo Hacker Chief of the Defence Staff David Walliker
Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Alex Hacker Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Andy Jones
Head of Applied Science Anna Reftery Chief Applied Scientist Vince Laker


Supreme Leader Alun Williams


Prime Minister Adrian Smith
President Sam Mathias Foreign Minister Becki Bawler
Foreign Minister Richard Powell Senior Ambassador Konrad Sokolowski
Revolutionary Guard Commander Chris Chare Chief of the Defence Staff Rob Knight
Armd Forces Commander Pete Chare Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Paul Haigh
Chief Applied Scientist Mark Turner Head of Applied Science & Technology Mahri Abercrombie
The Corporations

Wimpey-Fergusson Corp

CEO Lex Head


CEO Gerard Sweeny
Head of PR Alex Vince Head of PR Syd Razavi
Head of Production Ed Nokes Head of Production Erin Glen
Head of Applied Research Jason Belam Head of Applied Research Abby Chipman

Weygand Corporation

CEO Thomas Collins

Advanced Industrial Mechanics

CEO Jeremy Hogan
Head of PR Ahmed Al-Mazidi Head of PR James Sanderson
Head of Production Chetan Jethwa Head of Production George Shirreff
Head of Applied Research Alex Todd Head of Applied Research George Gilmore

General Mechanical Industries Corporation


CEO Becky Crothers    
Head of PR Jamie Riseborough    
Head of Production Matthew Taylor    
Head of Applied Research Brian Parker    
World Media
Global Network News
Editor in Chief Becky Ladley The China Chronicle

Editor in Chief Ricky O'Connor
Political Correspondent Tom Davies Political Correspondent Michael Birtwistle
War Correspondent James Bridge War Correspondent Joe Webster
Badger News Corporation
Editor in Chief Laura Chan      
Political Correspondent Caroline Haines      
War Correspondent Laurence Kirkby      
Other Groups
The Holy See Pope Paul Foulds Humanity First Member of The Council James Millership
Cardinal Secretary of the Holy See Emma Berenyi Member of The Council Chris Claxton
Head of Cor Unum Ben Perry Member of The Council Simon Gridley
Director of the Vatican Observatory Lee Willett    
Team Game Role    
Team members

The Aliens : Team 1

Player 1

Shakila Narayan

The Aliens : Team 2

Player 1

Ben Nicholson
Player 2
Ben Williams
Player 2
Joe Harkness
Player 3
Ankur Narayan
Player 3
Pascal Torfs
Player 4
Priya Narayan
Player 4
Emma Grocutt
Player 5
Pete Smith
Player 5
David Walters
Player 6
Matt Brown
Player 6
Nilesh Goutam
Player 7
Adrian Noyce

The Aliens : Team 3

Player 1

Mario Krajnc

The Aliens : Team 4

Player 1

Ian Bridgeman
Player 2
Philipp Bohrn
Player 2
Conrad Ash
Player 3
Bernhard Winter
Player 3
Dan Simpson
Player 4
Bernhard Mayer
Player 4
Ian Sanderson
Player 5
Oliver Moody
Player 5
Guy Patching
Player 6
Ken Wen Lee
Player 6
Paul Huse
Player 7
Ben Brown
Player 7
Naomi Woolnough
Player 8
Matt Fuller
Player 8
Svien Erik Heglum

The Aliens : Team 5

Player 1

Jake Laslett

The Aliens : Team 6

Player 1

Gerald Cartwright
Player 2
Ian Baxter
Player 2
Chris Porter
Player 3
Emma Laslett
Player 3
Kevin Campbell
Player 4
Jeff Horton
Player 4
Steven Cole
Player 5
Lauren Tomasello
Player 5
Richard Smith
Player 6
Paul Donovan
Player 6
Daniel Seto
Team Control Role Name   Control Role Name


Lead Africa Region Control Bruce Walton


Lead Europe Region Control Andrew Hadley
Africa Region Control Steve Challice Europe Region Control Paul Hill
Africa Region Control Mike Young Europe Region Control Charlie Paull
Africa Region Control Crawford Maclean Europe Region Control Alan Paull
Lead East Asia Region Control James Kemp Lead Americas Region Control Paul Howarth
East Asia Region Control Andy Gee Americas Region Control Marc Seutter
East Asia Region Control Andre Steenveld sr Americas Region Control Carl Waltenburg
East Asia Region Control Stephen Brown Americas Region Control Michael Young
Lead Central Region Control Mukul Patel Lead Alien Control Jaap Boender
Central Region Control John Powney Alien Control John Moley
Central Region Control Marleen Overkamp Alien Control Jon Casey
Central Region Control Martin French Alien Control Daniel Mioque
Central Region Control Bernard Ganley Alien Control Nick Luft
  Alien Control Martyn Potts
Corporations Contro Lead Ben Moores  
Corporations Control Alex Kleanthous UN Control Sam Bennett
Corporations Control Marcel Nijenhof UN / Religious Control Jim Roche
Corporations Control Tom Hayllar    
  Press Control John Rutherford
Lead Science Control Simon Cornelius Press Control Chris Felton
Science Control Tom Mouat    
Science Control Peter Howland Game Control Jim Wallman
Science Control Jerry Elsmore Deputy Game Control Rob Cooper
    Game Control Support Team Caroline Martin
    Game Control Support Team Angela Shutz
    Game Control Support Team Izzy Wallman
    Game Control Support Team Alodie Fielding

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