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PROVISIONAL CAST LIST : As at 24 July 2015 (16:56)

Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accomodate cancellations etc. We will try not to do that if at all possible though.

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Team Game Role Team members Team Game Role Team members
The United Nations

United Nations

UN Secretary General Chris White

United Nations

UN Head of World Food Programme Jason Armstrong
UN Deputy Secretary General Paul Holman UN Head of UNHCR Tomas Dryburgh
The Americas Region

United States of America

President Andrew Hunter


President Gerard Sweeney
Vice President Martijn Wouterse Foreign Minister Abby Chipman
Secretary of State James Newlands Senior Ambassador Edward Bennigsen
Ambassador to the UN Gareth Rees Senior Ambassador Thomas Holt
Deputy Ambassador to the UN Craig Macbeth-Hornett Head of Armed Forces Syd Razavi
Ambassador to Europe Andrew Dyce Deputy Head of Armed Forces Erin Glen
Ambassador to East Asia Alan Taylor


President Daniel Boyle
Ambassador to Centra Region George Soutar Foreign Minister Tom Carr
Ambassador to Africa Stuart Easton Senior Ambassador Catherine Morris
Ambassador to the Americas Blaine Walding Senior Ambassador Keiran Oakley
Head of the Joint Chiefs Ray Anderson Head of Armed Forces Josh Dodd
Commander of the Navy Alex Toso Deputy Head of Armed Forces Sam Taylor
Commander of the Army Milena Stan


Prime Minister Chris Hayward
Commander of Strategic Forces / Space Command Phil Leese Foreign Minister Henry Proctor
  Chief Scientist Stuart Gray Senior Ambassador David Last
      Senior Ambassador Heather Kamps
      Chief of the Defence Staff George Kamps


President Jonny Henderson Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Rob Hayward
Foreign Minister Loren Picco


President Shelley Doole
Senior Ambassador Annie Langley Chief Scientist Thomas Franklin
Senior Ambassador Chris Copperwheat Foreign Minister Rory Hopkins
Head of Armed Forces Edward Barrett Senior Ambassador Jonathan Terry
Deputy Head of Armed Forces Matthew King Senior Ambassador Nicholas Davey
Head of Science Tim Pullen Head of Armed Forces Joe Burrows
    Deputy Head of Armed Forces Heather Musgrave
The Europe Region

United Kingdom

Prime Minister Chris Cooling

French Republic


President Vincent Fourcade
Deputy Prime Minister Ben Ahmady Foreign Minister Emma Brett
Foreign Secretary Phil Savage Ambassador to the UN Jonathan Wadsworth
Ambassador to the UN Imran Askem Deputy Ambassador to the UN Mike Foster
Deputy Ambassador to the UN Jack de Quidt Senior Ambassador Steven Wall
Senior Ambassador Matthew Ward Chief of the Defence Staff Simon Chard
Chief of the Defence Staff Miles Coverdale Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Jeremy Monksfield
Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Tom Hatfield Chief Scientist Panagiotis Papakos
Chief Scientist Tom Senior    

Russian Federation

President Daniel Mercer

Federal Republic of Germany

Chancellor Adam Baxter
Prime Minister Rachel Mercer Foreign Minister Augustine Lloyd
Foreign Minister Kneace Kelly Senior Ambassador Matt Townend
Ambassador to the UN Sion Oxford Senior Ambassador Patrick Taylor
Deputy Ambassador to the UN Paul Cresswell Chief of the Defence Staff Fardeen Mackenzie
Chief of the Defence Staff Ric Crossman Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Matthew Taylor
Commander Strateic Forces Jamie Crowther    
Head of Science Mark Bates    


Prime Minister Charlie Sundt


Prime Minister Chris Chamberlain
Foreign Minister (vacancy) Foreign Secretary Nicolas Hooks
Senior Ambassador James Folkard Senior Ambassador Kinza Tahir
Senior Ambassador Matthew Smith Senior Ambassador Stephen Kasule
Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Turner Chief of the Defence Staff Beth Daniels
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff James Carpenter Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Jason Bardey
The East Asia Region


Prime Minister Iain Reid

People's Republic of China

President Adrian Smith
Foreign Secretary Alison Reid Premier Rob Knight
Senior Ambassador Duncan Clarkson Foreign Secretary Owain Riseborough
Senior Ambassador Holly Bujok Ambassador to the UN Jason Riseborough
Commander of the Self Defence Force Luca Kling Deputy Ambassador to the UN Mark Sanderson
Deputy Commander of the Self Defence Force Hamish Reid Senior Ambassador Daniel Revere
Head of Science Stuart Coutts Chief of the Defence Staff Tom Buckler
    Commander, Second Artillery Corps (Strategic Forces) Charles MacGregor
    Head of Science Agnieszka Skowronek


President Martin Scott


Prime Minister Christian Szolarz
Foreign Minister Steve Morgan Foreign Secretary Roland Piper
Senior Ambassador Ken Evans Senior Ambassador Martin Peichl
Senior Ambassador Matthew Webster Senior Ambassador Stuart Higgins
Chief of the Defence Staff Yasen Dinkov Chief of the Defence Staff Paul Fitchett
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff David Hutton Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Alec Milne


President James King

South Korea

President Jeff Horton
Prime Minister Laurie Neatherway Foreign Minister Jacob Lees
Foreign Minister Alex McKeand Senior Ambassador Jonathan Lees
Senior Ambassador Matt Watkins Senior Ambassador Mark Lees
Chief of the Defence Staff Robin Neatherway Chief of the Defence Staff Rick Grzyb
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Simon Read Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff James Hayes
The Africa Region


President Michael Bishop


President Paul McDermott
Prime Minister Sean McNally Foreign Minister Laurence Kirkby
Foreign Secretary Nick Proud Senior Ambassador Molly Amson Knight
Senior Ambassador Alan O'Brien Senior Ambassador Paul Donovan
Chief of the Defence Staff Andrew Ryan Chief of the Defence Staff Ciaran O'Sullivan
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Sandy Gardner Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Brad Jayakody

South Africa

President Patrick Kidd


President Darren Green
Foreign Secretary Am Haque Foreign Secretary Tom Hinds
Senior Ambassador Oliver Visick Senior Ambassador Ian Wray
Senior Ambassador Sam Taylor Senior Ambassador Jamie Paton
Chief of the Defence Staff Matthew Swann Chief of the Defence Staff Joe Robinson
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Chris Korek Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Alex Porter
Chief Scientist Barrie Voice Chief Scientist James Cap-Devila Slater


President Paul Butterley


President Jon Beal
Foreign Minister Jon Purkis Foreign Minister Iwan Bodnarchuk
Senior Ambassador Alasdair Weeks Senior Ambassador George Harron
Senior Ambassador Chris Crawford Senior Ambassador Mark Tomlinson
Chief of the Defence Staff Jevan Bryant Chief of the Defence Staff Ed Sibley
Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Deller Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Ben Frisby
The Central Region

Saudi Arabia

King Jenny Graham-Jones


President John Heal
Grand Mufti Andy Clark Prime Minister Jonathan Ridley
Crown Prince / Foreign Minister Jon Sibley Foreign Secretary Joel Anderson
Senior Ambassador James Adair Chief of the Defence Staff Mark Bell
Commander of the Armed Forces Matt Edwards Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Harry Bond
Commander of the National Guard Stuart Lamble Head of Science Tom Griffett


President Tom Kitchin


Prime Minister Harrison Tatem-Wyatt
Prime Minister Andrew Pollard Foreign Secretary Gavin Street
Foreign Secretary Helen Cope Senior Ambassador Andrew Fergar
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Dan Roe Senior Ambassador Michael Spencer
Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Alex Allsworth Chief of the Defence Staff Martin Tebbatt
Head of Science Adam Ford Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Adam Taylor


Supreme Leader Tom Mendelsohn


Prime Minister James Blair
President James Bevan Foreign Minister Matt Davies
Foreign Minister George Lawrence Senior Ambassador Celyn Thomas
Senior Ambassador Keleigh Shepherd Senior Ambassador Richard Rohani
Revolutionary Guard Commander Ed Mendelsohn Chief of the Defence Staff Huw Kearon
Armd Forces Commander Julia Morelli Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff David Barrett
    Commander of Special Forces Oliver Blair
The Corporations

Wimpey-Fergusson Corp

CEO (vacancy)


CEO Ben Royce
Head of PR Darren Grey Deputy CEO Adam Sibson
Head of Production Ian Tong Head of PR David Harvey
Deputy CEO Margot Huysman Head of Production Nick Vessey
    Deputy Head of Production Alex Woodrow

Weygand Corporation

CEO Mike Stoodley

Advanced Industrial Mechanics

CEO David Blabey
Head of PR Hugo Caprichoso Head of PR Russell Fielding
Head of Production Chris Barnard Head of Production Chris Lewis
Head of Research Robert Dane Head of Research Tom Nally

General Mechanical Industries Corporation

CEO Carlos Moreno Serrano    
Head of PR Alan Edwards    
Head of Production Lawrence Keohane    
Deputy CEO Rahul Shah    
World Media

Global Network News

Editor in Chief Becky Ladley Global Network News

Central Region Correspondent Archie Woodrow
Africa Correspondent Geraint Thomas Eastern Correspondent Stephan Leece
Europe Correspondent Chris Chester UN Correspondent Ben Green
Americas Correspondent Les Newsom Extraterrestrial Correspondent Peter Lam
Other Groups

The Holy See

Pope James Hazell

Humanity First

Member of The Council Alister Macquarrie
Cardinal Secretary of the Holy See Simon Norman Member of The Council Daniel Clarke
Head of Cor Unum Julian Willis Member of The Council Duncan Lugton
Director of the Vatican Observatory Amy Guyomard Member of The Council John Brindle
    Member of The Council Ken Wen Lee
The Atlantic Cetacean Conclave Delphinapterus Jack Evans

The Pacific Cetacean Conclave

Balaenoptera Jack Savory-Tarlton
Physeter Zachary Arundel Balaenoptera Alex Vince
Steno Jamie Mann Delphinus Josh Cohen
Stenella Andrew Selkirk Stenella James Olver
Stenella Danny Butchers Stenella Matthew Wilde

The Others

Player 1 Joel Turland      
Player 2 Joel Beardshaw      
Player 3 Laura O'Callaghan - White      
Player 4 Bryan Docherty      
Team Game Role    
Team members

Civilised Powers:
The Federation

Expedition Commander

James Parsons

The Civilised Powers:
The Association

Expedition Commander

James Millership
Military Liaison
Andrew Bultitude
Fleet Liaison
Jyoti Chandola
Expedition Agent
Alex Beck
Expedition Agent
Ben Williams
Expedition Agent
Greg Moore
Expedition Agent
Chris Claxton

Civilised Powers:
The Conglomerate

Expedition Commander

George Gardner

Civilised Powers :
The Commonwealth

Expedition Commander

Danielle Goldstein
Contract Specialist
Ben Newcomb
KPGK Liaison
Alexi Duggins
Contract Specialist
Luke Gain
Expedition Agent
Ed Johnson
Expedition Agent
Chris Beckett
Expedition Agent
Tom Duggins

Civilised Powers :
The Imperium

Expedition Commander

Sian Culley

Civilised Powers:
The Republic

Expedition Commander

Steven Cannavan
Imperial Auditor
Ben Earner
Love Commissar
Kristian Francis
Expedition Agent
Tom Wyatt
Expedition Security
Daniel Chambers
Expedition Agent Tom Roberts Expedition Agent (vacancy)
Expedition Agent
Joe Harkness
The Reticulan Conclave

Conclave Member

Douglas Hall      
Conclave Member
Lucy Ryecroft-Smith      
Conclave Member
Daniel Sullivan      
Team Control Role Name   Control Role Name


Lead Africa Region Control Keith Wright


Lead Europe Region Control Andrew Hadley
Africa Region Control Matthew Bambridge Europe Region Control Jaap Boender
Africa Region Control (Vacancy) Europe Region Control (Vacancy)
Lead East Asia Region Control John Powney Lead Americas/Antarctica Region Control Paul Howarth
East Asia Region Control Jerry Elsmore Americas/Antarctica Region Control Tim Hall
East Asia Region Control James Kemp Americas/Antarctica Region Control Stephen Brown
Lead Central Region Control Bernard Ganley Lead Alien Control Chrissy Biss
Central Region Control Adrian Noyce Alien Control Paul Hill
Central Region Control (Vacancy) Alien Control Ollie Sliney
Corporations Control Lead Ben Moores UN Control Rob Cooper
Corporations Control (vacancy) UN Control Patrick Roche
Lead Science Control Simon Cornelius Game Control Jim Wallman
Science Control Martin French Deputy Game Control (Vacancy)
Exotics Control Lead Tim Campbell Game Crew Viji
Exotics Control John Rutherford Game Crew Izzy Wallman
Exotics Control (Vacancy) Game Crew Caroline Martin
    Game Crew Aimee Appleton
    Game Crew Larry Somers
    Game Crew Stuart McKinley
    Game Crew Ally Wallman

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