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London (East), 17th November 2018


To mark the centenary of the end of the First World War,

Megagame Makers present
WAR TO END WAR (WTEW), a historical megagame designed by Jon Casey (Home Before the Leaves Fall, Iron Dice).


WTEW covers the final stages of the War at a political and strategic level, and is intended to explore the relationship between national war aims, strategy and operations, and the problems of conducting alliance warfare.

Strategy was a matter of debate between allies, and between the politicians and the military, throughout the course of the War. Both national war aims and strategy could be modified by the outcomes of major operations. Some of the war aims of allies could be mutually incompatible, leading to suspicion and intrigue. The relationship between the civilian government and the military leadership, and the ability of each to determine aims and strategy, varied between different nations.WTEW aims to reflect some of these complexities.


The game starts in the spring of 1917, at a point when the outcome of the War is still in the balance. The USA has just declared war on Germany, in response to the latter's return to unrestricted submarine warfare which is threatening Britain with starvation. In Russia the Tsar has abdicated and the Provisional Government faces challenges from both the Bolsheviks and the Army. Britain and France need a victory on the Western Front to relieve pressure on Russia. Germany needs to eliminate Russia and defeat the Allies before the British blockade and American intervention prove decisive. The Italian front has become deadlocked, while Austria-Hungary under its new Emperor strives to hold the Empire together in the face of rising nationalism. The Ottoman Empire faces invasion by the British in Palestine and Mesopotamia, while still pursuing its own goals of conquest in the Caucasus.


Player teams will represent the governments and senior military commanders of the main belligerents: Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the USA on the Allied side, against the German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires (the Central Powers).

Political players will set war aims, negotiate with allies to agree strategy, seek to manage the war economy of their nation to ensure the production of munitions to support operations and to feed their populations to maintain popular support for the war effort, and seek to influence neutral states. (On the Central Powers side, the High Command teams exercise greater control over strategy and the economy).Military players will be in High Command teams, advising the government on strategy, or Theatre teams, planning and conducting major operations. On the Central Powers side, the High Command teams exercise greater control over strategy and the economy.

A minor powers team will handle the minor belligerents (e.g. Romania, Bulgaria), key neutrals (e.g. Greece) and some nationalist factions (e.g. Pole, Czechs).

There is scope for two Press teams (one Allied, one Central Powers), producing regular newssheets which will have an impact on civilian support for the war.

The game will take 75-90 players and about 20 Control.

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