By Paul Howarth

London, Stratford - 19th May 2018

approx 40-60 player roles

Welcome to a very different 1938!

A fantasy megagame set in an alternate timeline where Edward VIII didn't abdicate and yet still married Wallis Simpson. Following the resignation of his government, Oswald Mosely is now prime minister and after a breakdown of discussions and economic unrest the country has fragmented.

The armed forces have been riven by dissent following the dissolution of certain elements of the Household Division and opinion is strongly divided on who should sit upon the throne. Sensing an opportunity to keep Britain pre-occupied during increasing European tension, various third parties have lent support in the form of advisors and materiel. The four main factions were the Royalists, British Union of Fascists, Socialists and the Anglican League.

The Factions are as follows:

  • Royalists - supporters of Edward VIII, monarch by the grace of God, right or wrong.
  • British Union of Fascists - flying columns across the regions, supporting an effective network of political operators.
  • Anglican League - representing the Church militant, they will be suffering from some division as some now support Albert, the king's brother.
  • People's Republic of South Yorkshire - the main Socialist group
  • Other Socialists - currently scattered across the region, including Lancashire and Hull, desperate for aid from elsewhere.
  • Welsh Home Rule Alliance - a minor faction, but very influential in the first game

    If you have played a megagame or two before and are interested in playing a Control role then this megagame would be the perfect game to try your hand at it!


For more information on this megagame and the roles, game mechanics or background information click here to open a copy of the game handbook, or email directly Paul Howarth here


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