LONDON, ANERLEY- Saturday 21st October 2017

CAST LIST: As at 18th October 2017

Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accomodate cancellations etc.
We will try not to do that if at all possible though.


Team Game Role
Team members (bold=paid in full / / blue = yet to pay / italics = deposit only)

Chairman (Lenin)

Neil Parker
War (Trotsky) Chris White
War Ministry (Gen Bonch-Bruevich) Daniel Eichner
Minorities (Stalin)
Gareth Evans
Education & Propaganda (Lunarcharsky)
Stephen Brown
Comintern (Zinoviev)
David London
Comintern Deputy (Radek)
Stephen Files
Foreign Affairs (Chicherin)
John Brindle
Deputy Foreign Affairs (Litvinov)
Duncan Lugton
Cheka (Dzerzhinsky)
Becky Ladley
Cheka Deputy (Peters)
Christina Sliney-Biss
Cheka Deputy (Latsis)
Maria Osa
Sovexcom Russian Map Leader (Bukharin)
Des Darkin
Operations Andrew Sturman
Jonathan Ellison
Thomas Collins
Sovexcom Ukraine Map Leader (Antonov-Ovsienko) Alex Gabriel
Operations Darren Green
Operations Joe Robinson
Liaison Ben Lafferty
Sovexcom Cental Asia Map Leader (Kolesov)
Callum Howell
Thomas Collins
Michael Ongkauko
Sovexcom Siberia Map Leader (Petrovsky) Ross McCreedy
Operations Elton Pedroso
Liaison Andrew Fergar
WHITES Siberia Leader (Admiral Kolchak) Chris Cooling
Operations Alan Martin
Operations Chris Hardman
Liaison Max Cairnduff
Ukraine Leader (Gen Denikin) Tim Campbell
Operations Oliver Sliney-Biss
Operations Toby Frith
Liaison Paul Sharpe
North-West Russia Leader (Gen Yudenivich) Jamie Ganley
Operations Les Newsom
Operations Johan Olofsson
Liaison Thomas Joy
GREEN: COSSACKS Don & Uralsk Hosts Player 1 Pieter Chielens
Player 2 Ivan Mostinckx
Kuban & Orenburg Hosts Player 1 Adam Barr
Player 2 Chris Chester
Terek & Siberian Hosts Player 1 Chris Brown
Player 2 James Kemp
Player 3 Alexander Kemp
GREEN: INDEPENDENTS "White" Finns & Azerbaijan Player 1 Robert Grayston
Player 2 Fraser Patrick
Lithuania & Muslim League Player 1 James Olver
Player 2 John Powney
Estonia & Armenia Player 1 Paul McDermott
Player 2 Stuart Bailey
Latvia and Georgia Player 1 Marc Seutter
Player 2 Marcel Nijenhof
GREEN: DEMOCRATIC OPPOSITION VUSO (North Russia) & KOMUCH (Central Asia) Player 1 Nigel Howorth
Player 2 Edward McDaniel
RADA (Ukraine) & PGAS (Siberia) Player 1 Ieuan Francis
Player 2 Michael Bishop
Union for the Defence of the Motherland & Anarchists Player 1 Julian Fuller
Player 2 Dan Fuller
BLUES Allies: Britain Leader Phil Middleton
Diplomat/Operations Joe Whitbourn
Diplomat/Operations John Whitbourn
Allies: France Leader Matthew Bambridge
Diplomat/Operations Alan Ford
Diplomat/Operations Dave Townsend
Allies: America Leader Belinda Khoo
Diplomat/Operations Sean Tyrer
Allies: Japan

Leader Nick Luft
Diplomat/Operations Boris Karl
Central Powers: Germany Leader Jay Bullen
Diplomat/Operations Mark Tomlinson
Diplomat/Operations Ed Sibley
CONTROL TEAM Map Control: Western Russia & The Baltic Jonathan Pickles
Map Control: Western Russia & The Baltic Ben Williams
Map Control: Ukraine & Caucasus
Jim Wallman
Map Control: Ukraine & Caucasus
Jerry Elsmore
Map Control: Central Asia
Alex Beck
Map Control: Siberia
John Mizon
Team Control: Bolshevik SovNarKom
Dave Boundy
Team Control: Bolsheviks
Peter Merritt
Team Control: Whites
Richard Hands
Team Control: Cossacks
Paul Hill
Team Control: Independents
Ben Moores
Team Control: Democratic Opposition
Andrew Hadley
Team Control: Interventionists Conference
Brian Cameron
Team Control: Interventionists Central Powers Jon Casey
Game Control
Bernie Ganley


Red Dawn is currently full. If you have come to this page through a friend or by mistake and would like to be added to the waiting list then contact us to book.

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