By Rob Cooper

London - 10th September 2016



This is an Alternate History game about the war that never was, the Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany in the mid-1980s.

In reality it is unlikely that there was ever a realistic possibility of such an invasion, despite decades of military build up and planning by both sides for just such an eventuality.

Given the likelihood of any such confrontation escalating to (or even starting with) a nuclear exchange we should all be very grateful that this never happened.

But throughout the period, and even since, writers and wargamers have been fascinated with this "what if" scenario.

This is an operational megagame covering military operations by Warsaw Pact and NATO armies. The game will represent the first ten days of the invasion and the Warsaw Pact will need to seize territory and destroy NATO's capacity and will to fight. NATO will need to hold the Warsaw Pact forces as close to the Inner German Border as possible to avoid political collapse. Both sides will also be doing all they can to avoid the use of nuclear weapons. As an alternate history the outcome will very much depend on player decisions and actions.

The game will involve planning for and executing the invasion. The Soviet planning staff will need to balance the need for speed and surprise with the need to have sufficient forces available to overcome any unexpected NATO resilience. The Warsaw Pact will have a clear semblance of unity under Soviet control, but Eastern European reliability will be a nagging doubt. NATO will be hampered by the lack of clear military strategy or military compatibility that was endemic to the alliance, including the poor positioning of the peacetime garrisons and doubts over French commitment. But, NATO will also have a number of advanced weapons systems that might help them to stem the tide.

Most players will be in a hierarchy of teams representing Army Groups or Corps (NATO) and Theatre or Front HQs (WP). As with most operational military games there will be roles for operations and intelligence staff officers in addition to the command roles. The game will not have political teams but players should expect to have to confront some very real political and national issues.

Player Roles

Warsaw Pact NATO
Soviet Theatre Command   NATO Supreme Command
Soviet Front Commands   NATO Army Group Commands
Soviet Air Force Commands   NATO Air Force Commands
Warsaw Pact Allied Staffs (East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia)      National Corps Commands (US, West German, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and, perhaps, France).
Plus : Control Team

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