Hands of the Many

By Andrew Hadley and Bruce Walton

A game of politics and warfare set during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and the Peloponnesian League headed by Sparta.

London (South), September 15th 2018



This is a largely historical game with a mixture of internal politics, diplomacy and also operational military activity. It has some similarities to Alea Iacta Est and to Funeral Games. There are two innovations in this game - the 'floating' players representing the two major competing political philosophies and the different internal political games of each major city state representing their unique challenges and tensions.


The game starts in 432 BC in the phase of the conflict between Athens and Sparta sometimes called the 'Archidamian War' after one of the Spartan Kings. Athens is a radical democracy with a wealthy maritime empire grabbed after the defeat of the Persians by the Greeks. Sparta's military theocracy has dominated Greece for a century and more. This is technically the second war, after a peace agreement has broken down. Sparta has been pushed into war against Athens by its allies Corinth and Thebes, who fear Athens' expanding financial, military and political power.

Conflict spans several parts of Greece and beyond - the island of Corcyra (Corfu) has sought Athenian protection from its former colonial master, Corinth; Thebes seeks to detach nearby Plataea from its alliance with Athens; Thracians, Macedonians and Greek colonists struggle in Chalcidice and the north; tensions grow in the heavily taxed islands dependent on Athens; Spartan helots and unwilling allies seek to break free of Sparta's iron grip. All the while the wounded Persians watch with glee as their Greek enemies tear at each others' throats.

As well as these military conflicts, the cities (and their underlying political systems) are also competing on the political front to ensure their domestic support and avoid civil strife, but also to spread their ideas and alliances to other neutral cities, as well as potentially detaching cities from their opponents' alliances.


I am still deciding on the exact geographic scope of the game but I would expect there to be around 50-60 players and 8-12 control.

" Athens and the Delian League (about 15-20 players)
" Democratic political players (2-3)


" Sparta (6-8 players)
" Corinth (4-6 players)
" Boeotia / Thebes (4-6 players)
" Oligarchic political players (2-3 players)


" 'Neutral' states including Persian satraps, Argos and possibly Thessaly/Macedon/Thrace depending on player interest (4-14 players)
" Possibly some 'Third Way' political players and/or Oracles if numbers permit


Player roles will include politicians, generals, admirals and diplomats, but roles may change during the game. Casualties were also high among front-line commanders so you character might get killed - but don't worry we will have some additional roles! If you have a strong preference for politics, military or diplomatic roles let us know - we'll try to find you a suitable character. Unfortunately there aren't really any historical female character roles, but players of any gender (or none) are very welcome. If you have questions or suggestions about this please let me know.

For more information I can recommend no better source than Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War which has been my inspiration and reference for this game. There are also some very good secondary accounts, for example Hanson's A War like no other or Kagan's Archidamian War.

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