By Terry Martin

London, Anerley - 21st April 2018

approx 50 player roles

A megagame set in the chaos of the Palestine problem in 1947


Divided Land cast list published

Divided Land is is primarily a megagame about politics, and about the search for a solution to the troubles of that region of the Middle East for which Great Britain had assumed responsibility since December 9th 1917, when General Allenby's troops received the surrender of Jerusalem from the defending Turkish forces.

The game consists of a number of teams representing different interests in the region. It starts in March 1947. On February 14th Ernest Bevin has announced Great Britain's intention of laying down the Mandate, and referring the Palestine problem to the newly born United Nations, who will have the theoretical power to impose a solution if one cannot be found beforehand.

In the months before the end of the Mandate there is a frantic jockeying for position and influence, in a final attempt to force a solution before the problem is thrown to the new and unknown international organisation.

Although primarily about politics, most teams will have certain actions open to them which will be played out on the main map, and have an influence on what is happening in Palestine and the rest of the world as time goes rapidly by.

Game Roles

British Home Teams
Foreign Office
Colonial Office
Chiefs of Staff

British Teams in Palestine
High Commissioner for Palestine
GOC Palestine

Jewish Teams
Jewish Agency Moderate
Jewish Agency Activist

Arab League Teams
Saudi Arabia
Secretary General
Mufti of Jerusalem

Transjordan Teams
Glubb Pasha

American Teams
President Truman
State Department

Each team will have a leader, close advisors, military commanders, diplomats.

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