By Jim Wallman

London, Stratford - 16th June 2018

approx 80-100 player roles

Role playing and sculduggery in port and at sea


You must have seen pirate movies at some time or another. This game is an attempt to recapture some of the excitement of those movies, with (just) a little more realism.

The game is set in the early 18th Century. Most players will be the crew members of a pirate vessel. Some others will be shore based - tavern owners, merchants, soldiers, profiteers and other supporters of the pirate trade.

Pirate Crew Teams will represent the main characters aboard an individual pirate vessel, and individual players will take on particular roles such as Captain, Quartermaster, First Officer, Gunner, Sailing master, Carpenter and many more - each with a job to do to keep the ship afloat and in action.

These vessels will usually operate alone as they prey upon shipping in the close sea lanes of the small islands in the Bahamas.


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