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Siege of Yendor
Designer(s): Jim Wallman Date:17 Nov 2007 Number of participants:51
Venue: Anerley Town Hall Quote of the Game: "Genuine Fish Amulet - it'll help you escape..." Trader Parker selling his wares
Game Description
A game set in the fantasy city of Yendor in which it was besieged and attacked by the Army of the Dark Lord.

Having driven off the pirates (at Pirates of Yendor), it turns out that the King of Yendor's troubles are not over. Stirred up by the Dark Lord - a huge army of Orcs, Dwarves, evil wizards and fell humans are marching on Yendor to plunder it of its fabulous wealth.

Can the Yendorians force (or convince) the invaders to go away? There's only one way to find out - play Siege of Yendor - the fantasy City Siege Megagame. This will make the Siege of Sevastapol look like Last Night at the Proms (or vice versa).

Players are either the Stalwart Defenders or the massed Hordes of the Evil One.
Orcs, Humans, Mages and Dwarves will be on both sides - Elves will....well..who knows who's side they are on.
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