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Sengoku Si
Designer(s): Jim Wallman Date:7 June 2008 Number of participants:40
Venue: HMS Belfast, London Quote of the Game:
"The Long Day Closes
Honour has been won and lost
This was Sengoku"
Game Description

The game is about political and military activity during the Sengoku Era of Japanese history (in the case of this game, roughly speaking the second half of the 16th Century). This was an age of land-grabbing lords (diamyo) - incessant warfare and power-plays. In short, an ideal setting for a megagame.
This game is intended as an introduction to what is a very different culture and time. As 21st century gamers we often have considerable difficulty in adapting our mental processes to previous ages of our own culture - adopting the culture of 18th or 19th century Europe is hard enough; but not only is this game set in a distant and unfamiliar time but a very different culture, economy and religious background as well.

Still that said - who can resist the prospect of sending huge samurai armies to unify Japan?

Player roles will be in teams representing the major powerful clans - and a lot of emphasis is placed in the internal operation of clan politics as well as inter-clan rivalry.

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