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Memphis Mangler

Paddy Griffith

Date: April 1981 Number of participants:c.30
Venue: Woolwich Hall, RAMC Sandhurst Quote of the Game: "Where is So Lah?ÖI canít see So Lah on the map!" An example of the confusion caused by the American commanderís decision to name bends in the river after the musical notes Doh, Ray Me etc. Also "Of course I can land the helicopters in dense ground mist!"
Game Description

Memphis Mangler was about village clearance in Vietnam. Not by Megagame Makers, but the first game to be called a megagame. This game started off the whole idea of megagames and was an inspiration to us all.

Players in this game took on the role of battalion command team and company commanders involved in a helicopter-borne American battalion, the local ARVN units and the enemy NVA and Viet Cong. Volunteers from the RMA provided radio voice procedure and the game was played using figures on a huge terrain model laid out on the floor of the main auditorium.

The clear winners were the ARVN commanders who gained cases of American whiskey and the promise of Condos in Florida. One player remembers carrying the wrong ammunition onto the battlefield (represented by marked wine-bottle corks which he failed to check). Slack American voice procedure gave the listening VC an advantage.

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