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For The Light of the Trees
Designer(s): Andrew Hadley and Trevor Duguid-Farrant Date:17 March 2007 Number of participants:{numbers}
Venue: Anerley Town Hall Quote of the Game: {Quote of The Game}
Game Description

An epic game of fantastic proportions, For the Light of the Trees is all about amazing creatures, monsters, magical artifacts, battles and heroes in a mythic world.

The game starts with an Evil God besieged in his fortress by the Elves, who seek his destruction and the recovery of three great magic jewels. Meanwhile Humans and Orcs have begun to gather in the lands to the east and seek to find new lands to farm and plunder.

Play a part, for good or ill, in this battle for Light, Darkness and glittering treasures!

Roles include - Elves, Human tribes, Dwarves, Orcs tribes, Dark Powers, Any player or Umpire. We will also need to know how tall you are......

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