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Battle of Britain

Andy Grainger

Date:7 May 1989 Number of participants:68
Venue: Montgomery Wing, Army Staff College, Camberley Quote of the Game: In answer to the question “Who wants to be a Squadronaire?” “I DO!” The answer sung as in the song Who wants to be a millionaire.
Game Description

Squadronaires was the term, adopted by Andy Grainger, for the umpires who provided live-action chat by radio to the players at Sector Stations. The actions represented, in real time, of a typical day during the Battle of Britain.

The game used computers to simulate air movements.

Notable for those involved in planning was a day spent in a 1930s house and garden on a wonderful, sunny day testing the rules. The Squadronaires sat outside on deck chairs etc waiting for the telephone ‘Scramble!’ and then had to run around the house before being able to take off. Radio reports to Sector….Hello Cowslip, Bandits in sight. Tally Ho!

Notable because it used computers to simulate air movements.
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