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At Right Angles to Reality
Designer(s): Jim Wallman, Brian Cameron and Richard Hands Date:13 May 2006 Number of participants:about 30
Venue: Anerley Town Hall Quote of the Game: Police Chief - "Just clean that blood off the police car hood Sergeant, it looks messy..."
Game Description
Gothic Horror Roleplaying megagame inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft.

Deep in the unholy recesses of the world there are things that man was not meant to know.  They are closer than you think - just 'around the corner' at right angles to our world in some other, non-Euclidean geometry.  Only those who care little for their sanity would dare to contemplate them, let alone seek them out.
By a bizarre coincidence, Jim Wallman, Brian Cameron and Richard Hands care little for their sanity - or indeed the sanity of megagamers, and are therefore running the first ever Gothic Horror Megagame.
Owing a little to previous role playing megagames like Yendor Triumphant, and much to the arcane influence of the works of HP Lovecraft and others of his ilk, "At Right Angles to Reality" will attempt to create small shivers up your spine and put at risk what few marbles you have left.
In common with the horror genre in general we can say little at this stage about exactly what is in store for players, but suffice it to say players will fit into one of four general role types.

'Defender of the Status Quo' - a stalwart member of the establishment - perhaps in law enforcement or the military.  Entirely too sane to believe in all this poppycock.
'Seeker After Truth' - someone curious about dark and ancient mysteries, with perhaps a little too much time on their hands.  Often travel with an unreasonable array of small arms for some reason.
'Seeker after Power' - someone willing to sell everything they hold dear to gain unparalleled power or wealth.  Usually into robes and cowls.
'Innocent Bystander' - you just want to get on with your life - what there is left of it.  Someone like an innkeeper, ship's captain or hotel clerk. Each with their own story to tell and objectives to meet. Of course, nobody is truly innocent.
'Mad Old God' - ok, maybe not really all that old - but an umpire at least."

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