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Another Congress of Vienna
Designer(s): Brian Cameron Date: 23 September 2006 Number of participants:approx 25
Venue: Anerley Town Hall Quote of the Game: {Quote of The Game}
Game Description
High level political negotiation following the end of the Napoleonic Wars

The Congress of Vienna in 1815 brought together the nations of Europe to resolve the political issues left in the wake of Napoleon’s defeat in 1814. The ‘Ogre of Europe’ is finally defeated and the map of Europe, and many other parts of the world, needs to be withdrawn. During the twenty year period of the wars boundaries and states have changed form and identities and the competing claims of nations large and small must be resolved. A balance of power must also be agreed which will prevent such a war happening again.

This is slightly different from our usual megagames in that it has no operational content (I should more correctly say no intended operational content as there is always the possibility of players failing to agree at a catastrophic level!). It is a game about the process of making peace, usually the most difficult aspect of politics and war.
All the players represent the diplomats of the various nations meeting in Vienna to resolve a large number of issues. These are, in broad terms,

> To agree the repair and restoration of those parts of the national lands and territories to the benefit of each people and in the interests of a balance of power in Europe.
> To determine the political future of all the German States.
> To determine the political future of Poland.
> To determine the political future of the Italian States.
> The fate of the various colonies and possessions throughout the world.

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